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Technical Services

VI Products have skilled technical staff who are able to offer advice on all aspects of the application of materials listed in this presentation. ANY ADVICE WILL BE GIVEN IN THE STRICTEST CONFIDENCE.

Drawing / Specification Req.

Customers are invited to submit their own drawings or specific requirements and they will receive our help and advice as required. Please contact Stephen Morgan or Frank Middlemore by email or by telephone:- 01925 817213


We are pleased to announce that here at VI Products, are now ISO certified

Company Profile

The Company is one of the leading UK manufacturers of Tungsten based Electrical Contact Metals having over thirty years experience in the manufacture of high quality materials. During this period we have supplied the following.
Medium to High Voltage switchgear contacts.
Resistance welding electrode materials.
Tungsten Copper electrode materials for electro discharge and electro chemical machining.
Semi Conductor heat-sink bases.

The company works to exacting standards with strict procedures to ensure the high quality of our product. In support of this we are currently working towards ISO9002 qualification.

Site Content Guide

The VI Products Web Site features our services as manufacturers of Electrical Contact Metals. Here at VI Products, we are one of the leading UK manufacturers of Tungsten based Electrical Contact Metals, including copper tungsten and silver tungsten. The copper tungsten grades for electrical contact metals are Vaculoy CT60, CT70, CT75, CT78 and CT80. The Site shows the three grades of silver tungsten which will cover most applications for arcing switchgear contacts, control gear and circuit breakers. Within this website you will find information relating to Medium to High Voltage switchgear contacts, Resistance welding electrode materials, tungsten copper, electrode materials for electro discharge and electro chemical machining, switchgear contacts, welding electrodes, semi conductor heat-sink bases, ECM and EDM electrode metals.

For all enquiries relating to electrical contact metals please call 01925 817213 or use our online contact form within the contact section of our website.

If you would like further information about our products, or a quotation for your requirements, please complete our form